Crypterium — First Global Crypto Card App Review!

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Crypterium is providing the First Global Crypto Card you can order from any country worldwide. It‘s also a very cool app (iOS & Android) that let you manage major cryptocurrencies. It has some other really nice features I’ll cover in this review.

You can use the plastic Crypterium Visa card for both ATM withdrawals and payments.

Crypterium App Features

With a single app, you are able to store, buy, send, cash out, exchange and spend cryptocurrencies.

You can top up your account and card buying cryptocurrency directly from app using credit card or receiving it using your app wallets.

Crypterium currently supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Chainlink, Bitcoin Cash, Maker, XRP, DASH, OMG, REP, ZRX, BAT, QASH, CRPT, stablecoins: DAI, USDC, USDT (Tether) and FIAT wallets.

Receiving Bitcoin to my Crypterium Bitcoin wallet:

Sending the Litecoin out:

Exchange The Cryptocurrencies Instantly

You can exchange all the supported and mentioned cryptocurrencies with just couple of clicks.

Exchange fees are similar to other wallets with the built in exchanges.

On one of my other favorite multicurrency wallets (won’t name it) when I start an exchange I have to wait for blockchain blocks to be created and it takes some time.

Using Crypterium I can do it instantly and their exchange seems to be powered from their own liquidity and coins storage.

Cryptocurrency Market Predictions

Crypterium has implemented a very sophisticated AI technology that gives you a very valuable insights on more then 150 cryptocurrencies and their price prediction.

Despite the fact we are in the alt season and the Bitcoin broke over $16k (Hooray!) the price prediction profit estimates are quite amazing.

You will achieve a piece of it of course only if you diversify your crypto portfolio (hold different cryptocurrencies).

To unlock all 150+ crypto price predictions you’ll have to pay a fee. If you are a holder of CRPT coin you get certain discounts on costs involving your account and card issuing.

Crypterium Native Coin — CRPT

All crypto-fiat transactions in the Crypterium app are fueled by their own CRPT coin. CRPT is an ERC-20 token (run on the Ethereum blockchain).

If you are looking for the coin (like most of the blockchain enthusiasts these days) that could probably make you a x10 income maybe you should really consider holding some CRPT.


I wanted to use app and card but it wasn’t available in my country.

However I did bought their coin called CRO when it was $0.03 (hold it in my exchange account as I couldn’t use the app) and sold it when it hit $0.15 and made a $12.000 profit on that trade.

CRO is now #20 cryptocurrency with the market cap (coin supply x price) of over $1 billion ($1,435,606,648).

I believed the CRO coin price will go up in time for the same reason I believe CRPT price will follow the pattern — the real use case which drives more users and app adoption.

Bitcoin is now known as “digital gold” rather then currency as only small % of economic and online transactions are made with it. Other blockchains are developing some amazing stuff like being platforms for decentralized applications but dApps failing to live up to the early hype expectations — so far.

CRPT coin supply (small % of CRPT gets burned during transactions thus decreasing supply and increasing price) and price now creates a market cap of only $19.25 million.

I can see it easily go up to 200–300 million market cap or x10 increase in coin price. Even without major technological advances (CRPT roadmap features moving to their own blockchain in 2021) and marketing.

Getting listed on more major exchanges would see a jump in CRPT price like it did for all coins so far. Holders of the CRPT coin also get to share % of the overall transaction income of the network.

This is not in any kind a financial advice. If you are not really interested in crypto trading you should have easily just skipped this part but I found it interesting to share it with you. Back to app.

Crypterium Visa Card — Cash Out Crypto!

I paid around $18 in btc for my Crypterium Visa card card issuance which were deducted from my wallet and I received it in 5 days.

When you receive the card activate it through app by setting up the 4 numbers pin code and the secret phrase.

Loading the card from one of your app wallets is easy. CRPT to EUR:

Card balance and past transactions:

I am using my Crypterium Visa card for both ATM withdrawals and payments.

You are also able to cash out to one of your existing credit cards without ordering the Crypterium one.

In order to test it out I made a small cash out to my MasterCard. It went through in just 5 minutes. Oookaaay… that was cool!

I like to have both my cash and digital assets at hand so I can use it whenever I want and Crypterium seems to deliver exactly that. Not just for the citizens of EU and US like all working and non-working crypto cards so far but for all people across the globe. Which is in accordance with the Bitcoin and blockchain mind oriented people philosophy of “pushing power to the edges”, in the hands of the ordinary people providing them the financial freedom and independence.

Crypterium Account Limits, Verification, Support

I had zero problems verifying my account for a 10 000 EUR monthly limit which is just fine.

Customer support was quick to answer all my questions.

I get notifications in my email concerning all my account transactions and other actions.

Crypterium also has an awesome referral program. Invite your friends to sign up and you both get free rewards. This is my referral link you can use to download the Crypterium app from the official website right now! (available for both Android and iOS devices).

Thank you for reading my article. I will update it as I continue using the app, get more experience with card and as new features are being implemented.

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